Sunday, 9 December 2012

Be Successful (Part 1)

        Who does not want to succeed? Everyone must dream to become a successful person. Various ways have taken people to achieve success. Whether it's the right way, or wrong. What is important according to them, they should be successful and rich. But you never think "what exactly is success?".
       Sometimes, many people incorrectly define success by being 'rich'. When in fact be successful it is not just about being rich. But more than that, success is a condition in which a person has achieved what he always wanted, dreamed of, or expected, both in terms of content and in terms of its psychological.
        There are people who dedicated his life to earn money. But also there are people who seek happiness without regard to income. But the real success is something the conditions in which a person has reached the point where he was getting what it really wants, so coveted, so he was very happy to have achieved it.

Knowing and Understanding Your Goals
         Purpose, or often referred to as the ideal, sometimes it is difficult to understand. Even after he became a success in the community, or can be called a rich man. Many people still do not feel happy even though they have become rich. It's because they do not understand exactly what he wants. They assume that being rich can make them happy by being able to buy everything you want. Though not so. We all know that not everything can be bought with money.
         So what to do?. Well we have to do, the first is to understand, know, and believe exactly what we wanted. Whatever it is, that's the purpose of your life. Even if you want to be a pedicab driver though, as long as you have a strong enough reason to make it a goal of your life, it does not matter. Because success is not depending on how much material as we can.
         To go to a resort that we have never attended before, we must first know what kind of place we want to go the tour. To see this we can find out from our friends who have been on him. Or we could find her information on the Internet. It was intended that we do not regret having come there.
         As his case illustrated above, before we make the journey to success, first we must know what we are going to, or what exactly we want to achieve it. Due to understand what we are going to, if it turns out that we are headed is a very your dream, it will pep you to achieve it.
         People say "if you don't know, then you will not love". It also applies to the ideals or goals. If you do not understand what your goal is, you certainly will not chase your dreams denan earnest. Because it will affect when you're in the process of achieving your goals are. If you do not understand exactly what you seek, then you also will certainly not recognize exactly what you are doing. And if you do not recognize exactly what you are doing, then you will not know where you should go.
         So, understand and identify what you want, what you are right ideals. Aspire to achieve success is not the same as we aspire to as a child, which his ideals just out of his mouth alone. Aspire to achieve success, or what I call the Target Life, is is something to do with your life goals. By understanding what Target Your life as a first step to achieve success, will indirectly lead you to undergo the process of achieving success.
          To understand it you can ask someone or read a success story, and find out how the current state is in that success. Doing so will increase your enthusiasm and seriousness weeks to achieve the target of your life.

Prepare Yourself
         After understanding what the target of your life, the next step you should do is, prepare yourself to face all obstacles and hindrances in the process of achieving your success. It should do because if you are not ready to face the obstacles and hindrances, the way to achieve success is interrupted, even stalled forever.
         Obstacles and hindrances are failures. Failure is the biggest obstacle in the process of achieving one success. Because many people do not like failure. It could be because he is the type of person who never fails, or it could be people who too often have failed so she was afraid to fail again.
         Prepare yourself for the new failure becomes very important. Because if you are not prepared to deal with failure, surely, you will never reach the target of your life. Therefore, prepare yourself to understand what are the risks that you will experience and what are the things that can make you a failure.
         Learn from people who have experienced failure in achieving the same goal with you. By learning from the people has been a failure, in addition to helping you know what to do and what not to do, also can shorten the time because you do not have to experience failure he ever did.
          Once you prepare to deal with failure, there is one thing you must understand if you have a current failure. Failure is a risk that you have to pay to get success. If you can get through and overcome your failures, and was able to rise from adversity, nisaya your path to success will be easy.
          Each person must have experienced failure. Since no one is perfect to avoid any failure.

To Be Continued. . .


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